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The Chronicles of Narnia ABC Challenge

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Welcome to abc_narnia, a weekly icon contest with a focus on Narnia icons. Every week, you will be given a letter in the alphabet, going in order starting with A. Icons submitted will have to represent that letter. There are many ways to do that. A word in the text of the icon could start with the letter, the movie that the icon is from starts with the letter, a character in the icon’s name starts with the letter. Any way you can relate them is fine. I'll be pretty liberal about it as long as you justify the representation.


Monday – Saturday (by 11:00PM EST) >> SUBMIT
Saturday – Monday >> VOTE
Monday >> RESULTS

You submit by leaving a comment on the challenge post with your icon.
Comments on challenge posts will be screened.

You must use the following format for submission. Include the icon, url, and how your icon represents the challenge letter.

Your submission should look something like this:

url: http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t274/evester1/abc%20narnia/abcnarniaicon.png
E is for Edmund

1. Up to three (3) icons can be submitted by each participant per challenge.
2. If you submit an icon, it must be your own. No submitting other people's icons.
3. All icons must meet lj standards - under 40kb and 100x100px in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.
4. Brushes, textures and text are permitted. Animation is not.
5. Icons must come from Narnian source material, including the Disney movies, BBC series,
cover art, or the illustrations from the books.
6. Fanart is not acceptable.
7. Icons must be hosted on a site that allows direct linking (you can use a free Photobucket account).
8. Keep icons anonymous throughout the run of the contest. Please wait until the results have been posted before you post your icon anywhere else. You may not submit an icon that you have used or posted elsewhere.

Voting will take place via poll. You do not have to be a member of the community to vote. All are allowed to vote regardless of whether they submitted an icon. You will vote for your top five icons. You may not vote for your own icon.

Each challenge there will be a first, second, third and mod's choice winning icons.
Winners will be nominated at narnia_awards and wd_awards.

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